About the World Avocado Organization

The World Avocado Organization (WAO) is a multinational non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. The WAO repre-
sents some of the world’s largest avocado producers, exporters and importers, including Mexico, Peru, South Africa and the
United States of America. In total more than 120 leaders in avocado produce, export and import from around the world are
part of the WAO, which was established in February 2016.

Our mission

Our purpose is to fuel the already strong demand for
avocados in Europe and to promote the consumption of
this superfood. We want to respond to European consu-
mers’ curiosity to learn more about the avocado’s versati-
lity and increase the awareness of its nutritional benefits
at the same time. The WAO will do this by educating Eu-
ropeans about the avocado’s dietary value as well as hel-
ping them to select perfectly ripe avocados for the best
possible taste.

Our prognosis

In 2015, the global production of avocados amounted
to around 5.2 billion kilograms. The consumption is gro-
wing by about 4.6 per cent every year. The EU, including
the UK, is one of the fastest growing markets worldwide
and already the second largest consumer market in the
world for avocados. In 2016, Europeans ate more than
410 million kilograms of avocados and by 2017 we expect
to see this increase to 480 million kilograms.
This means a 20 per cent increase in just 12 months.

If you are interested in our services please contact:

717 D Street, NW Suite 310
Washington, DC 20004

Zac Bard (South Africa) Chairman
Daniel Bustamante (Peru) Vice-Chairman
Xavier Equihua Chief Executive Officer
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Below you will find an abundance of high resolution downloadable media materials for use in articles and stories:

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World Avocado Organization
Xavier Equihua
Chief Executive Officer
717 D Street, NW Suite 310
Washington, DC 20004
+1 202 607-0560

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