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Avocados grow all year round –
their optimum conditions and seasonality

Thanks to a global supply, consumers can purchase and enjoy the greatness of the superfood 365 days a year. Sensitive
to wind and frost, avocados thrive in tropical and Mediterranean climates around the world in countries such as Peru,
South Africa, Mexico and the USA.

Where do avocados
come from during
the year?

Given the wide-ranging
use of avocados in modern
cuisine, they’re a great go-to
snack for any season.
Delicious and warm in a soup in
winter, or refreshing in a healthy
salad in summer –
it’s always avocado season!






Kenya Peru

Brazil Mexico

South Africa


Chile Mexico




Brazil Chile

Spain Israel

Kenya Mexico

South Africa


Avocado – the fruit of life

Find out more about this special fruit – its extensive health and beauty benefits – and the many ways avocados are great for you!

Avocados –
the world’s


Be radiant

It is evident that the minerals, vitamins and unsaturated
good fats in avocados are not only great for your health but
also offer brilliant beauty benefits, too. Whether you choose
to eat or drink this delicious fruit, the vitamin E contained
within avcoados will help to protect your skin cells from
oxidative stress.

Let the avocado
work its magic

Avocados are a great natural beauty
product! Use them in a facial mask,
a body lotion, a hand scrub, or even
as a facial cleanser. Y Use them alone to
create a simple face mask by mashing up an
avocado and applying it to your face,
leaving for 20 minutes before washing off.
Your skin will feel fresh
and invigorated.

Naturally good
for your hair

Moisturizing and smoothing – these are the
effects avocados have not only when applied
to your skin but also when it comes to your hair.
With their wealth of nutrients and oils,
avocados can make a real difference when
used to treat dry hair or an itchy scalp.
Again, it’s up to you – use only the fruit and
directly apply the mashed avocado to your hair
and scalp or add something else like coconut
oil and an egg yolk to get that extra shine.

It’s always avocado season!


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sandwich in


healthy in
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