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Five brilliantly bizarre uses for the UK’s favourite superfruit – the avocado

Five brilliantly bizarre uses for the UK’s favourite superfruit – the avocado

London, July 2017
The avocado is not only the UK’s tastiest and most loved superfruit, but also the most versatile. From baking, to skin care, brunches to smoothies, the avocado’s creamy and soft texture make it the perfect ingredient no matter the recipe, time or place. But now, the superfruit taking the foodie world by storm has gone one stop further, taking pride of place in some of the most meaningful occasions in our lives, dominating our morning coffee runs and even hijacking our evening bath times! Such fame has caused for an avocado explosion across social media.
People can’t get enough of the versatile fruit, with over 11 million laying eyes on avocado related posts on The World Avocado Organisation (WAO) Facebook page in just a few weeks. To celebrate this the WAO is highlighting five incredible uses for the almighty avocado.

“You are everything I avo wanted”
If the one thing your fiancé loves more than you is an avocado, then you know to ditch the ring box in favour of something greener. This proposal received 150k comments on the WAO Facebook page. That’s a lot of people being proposed to from an avocado!

The Avolatte
Bored of your regular 8am Americano? Try the Avolatte – your regular latte poured lovingly into half a scooped out avocado for those mornings when you just can’t face the day without your favourite comforting superfruit.
Photo credit: @Scottjeffree

“Let’s avo bath”
If your love for avocados goes beyond avo on toast and smoothies, then why not try being fully coated by the green creamy textured goodness of an avo bath. Face masks just won’t cut it anymore…

Lather up your legs
For those of us who are occasionally guilty of having an over-ripe avocado in the fridge, do not fear! The smooth, mushy, overripe texture makes it the perfect moisturizer for shaving. Yes, shaving! Who knew your favourite superfruit could provide you with silky smooth irritant free legs.

Dye fabric
Next time you’ve sliced up an avocado for your smoothie, hummus, brownies or whatever it might be, keep hold of the pit! When boiled the pit releases a natural liquid dye in a surprisingly shocking pink. Dip dye t-shirts or materials for a fashionable look.

Head over to WAO UK Facebook page and Instagram (@Avocadofruitoflife) to find out more about all of the wonderful ways of the avocado.


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