Find out more about the superpowers of avocados

It’s easy to see why the avocado is currently a feature on almost every brunch menu and Instagram post, when you look at its nutritional value. This nutrient-dense fruit contains an astonishingly high number of different vitamins and minerals. It’s
also rich in mono- and polyunsaturated fats, which are considered nutritionally good fats, similar to nuts and olive oil. And since
avocados are so delicious and satisfying to eat, they’ll fill you up, but they definitely won’t slow you down.

Clearly avocados are filled to the brim with what’s good for you, offering you a true wealth of health benefits.

Avocados …

Avocados are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated
fatty acids. These fatty acids can
help to maintain a normal blood cholesterol level,
if they replace saturated fats as part of a balanced diet.
... are filled with
nutritionally "good fats"
The vitamin E contained in
avocados contributes to the
protection of cells from oxidative stress
and can protect your skin.
... protect
your skin
In comparison to many other fresh fruits,
avocados contain a relatively high amount of protein, every 100g of avocados contains 2g of proteins.
... contain a high
amount of protein
A 100g serving of avocado
contains 7g of fibre which is 27 per cent of
the recommended daily amount. Fibre contributes to a
normal metabolism.
... contain
of the recommended
daily amount of fibre
High cholesterol is a risk factor
in the development of coronary
heart disease.
... are naturally
Vitamin B6 contributes to a normal
energy-yielding metabolism.
... are rich in vitamin B6
Did you know?
100g of avocado contains 485mg of potassium, a
mineral which contributes to the maintenance of
normal blood pressure.
... contain more potassium
than a banana
The amount of folate in avocados contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and contributes to the immune system functioning normally.
... reduce
tiredness and
The vitamin B6 contained in avocados supports the body’s immune system to function normally and contributes to the reduction of tiredness.
... support
the body's
immune system

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